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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 31, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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>> a meeting afterwards to find out how the problems are handled. that too is a sold out crowd. i've been looking at the decibel meter. this is reading about 92 to 100. reporting live along the water front. at we've posted more about the concert series. look for hot topics on the front page. workers are going to resume work on a line that was damaged. crews are to work on the lines. >> reporter: both vehicles involved in the don't were brought to the yard on 5th
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avenue with minor damage. we're not sure if the yellow vehicle is one that was involved in the accident. we do know though that the workers will be going out to fix the damaged line in about three hours. workers worked to fix lines where the crash took place. the crash took place at about 2:30. barts shut down two of the tracks under the bay. >> i waited an hour for the train to arrive. it took me 50 minutes to get to work. >> it's very frustrating but this is where i have to go, what i have to do. >> reporter: we've learned they were only to replace about one
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third of the damaged insulators. >> they'll go out and get the rest of that done and straighten out the third rail. it's going to be hands-on. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out why the flat car hit the truck. there are security cameras inside the two but not outside t.system will be shut down until 5:00 for the additional repairs. >> we're hoping we can get everything done overnight and when everyone wakes up we'll be full speed. >> reporter: i asked the spokesman about the status of the workers involved in the crash. he's working to get me that information. >> that incident fat tube turn tornado friday morning commute into a frustrating experience.
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>> it was a little packed in like sardines this morning. >> some say it took an extra hour and a half to get from the city to the east bay. some say the trains were at the station but were not moving. >> we had to watch the train that looked like people were falling out the doors. >> it seems heavy when you had a story about being late to work. one lady said it was friday and payday. many opted for their cars today so tonight we monitored the commute leaving san francisco. this showed evening traffic heading to the bay bridge. it was not grid locked. >> we've learned the accident could have been much worse. john walks us through the chain
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of events and what two of the workers had to do to keep from being injured. >> reporter: this car was heading west. the so called high railer stopped at the entrance to the tube. sources tell me two men were out use agriculture hand grinder on the rail. it may have been brake failure. one source says the manual over ride brake was ineffective. >> the collision moved both vehicle down the track for a length of several hundred feet, probably. >> bart won't say more but they say two men got in to back up and then jumped for their lives while the grind der hit 30 insulators knocking out many feet of rail.
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sources described it as a near tragedy. i contacted rail authorities but have not been able to confirm if federal investigators are looking at this. stay with us for continuing coverage. at 10:45 we caught a traveler traveling and things went down hill from the start. developing news in the east bay where a search is underway for a missing chide. she was last seen about 5:30 this evening visiting family members on wall avenue. she has ponytails and was wearing a gray dress with hearts on the front, gray shoes
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and purple stockings. five people have been killed in tornadoes in the suburb of oklahoma city. el reno was damaged tonight by one of several twisters that hit today. just ten days ago a monster tornado killed 24 people in moore. oklahoma highway patrol say as woman and her baby died when her suv overturned on interstate 40. the weather swept through during the evening rush hour. here in the bay area the firefighters are on alert as
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the wind is conducive for fires. the conditions are fueling this fire. >> reporter: take a look at the hills and you can see how dry the hills are. that combined with the windy forecast has firefighters on high alert. that crunch under foot is the sound of summer, dried brush, windy conditions and hot weather are a recipe for high fire danger. >> all we need is a spark. >> reporter: that spark can come from something as well intended as clearing brush. >> a lot of people try to do the right thing by mowing down the dry grass but they go about it the wrong way. >> reporter: california has
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already had brush fires this year. they say the typical may will have 800 wild lane fires. >> it's a potential to be a very busy summer, especially if we have red flag warnings like this weekend. >> reporter: cal fire has extra engines and firefighters on duty this weekend. firefighters are making sure their en engines have access if they need it it. >> we have -- >> tim rolling has seen a few fires already and is stun today see it is more than a month ahead of what is normal. >> i can see that. we didn't have much rain this fall. >> reporter: the only measurable water for a month has been from yard sprinklers.
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this yearcal fire will be full staffed by monday. on an average year that wouldn't happen until july 1. red flag warning in effect for so lone no county. vallet, fairfield, red flag warning in effect until tomorrow. just because you're in the red area doesn't mean you don't see the higher fire dangers in like napa. temperatures outside now are very pam. winds are starting to come out of the north more. fire dangers indeed increasing. when i come back, 10:20 we'll talk about how hot it's going to be in your neighborhood. in 90 seconds, a local
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celebrity famous for pining through garbage. the bear citing stirring excitement in the bay area. convicted of
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southern california firefighters say it could be
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next wednesday before they sustain a fire. it has score muched 1500 acres since yesterday afternoon. one structure has been destroyed. winds are pushing the fire back toward areas already burned and firefighters say it keep it is flames from spreading. a viewer sent us video of flames coming from under the each of pass at interstate 880. that is whereat least one homeless person was living. oak land crews airied quickly and put it out. a young beer is making himself at home in a neighborhood. neighbors don't know what to make of it. >> reporter: you don't have to go too far out of town to find
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bobcats or wild bore but bear is creating quite a buzz. >> i looked over and there it was, right next to my house. >> reporter: a bear and bert did what win would do. he video taped it, staying about 20 feet behind the black bear as it made its way into the woods. >> when he was a little upset he was huffing and snorting. >> reporter: that's when they backed unfortunate. other neighbors saw it too. >> he did kill a few chickens. >> the bear was sitting here like this with his nose in the bucket. >> reporter: the bears found scraps in the compost bucket. it laid down for a while with the head in the pail.
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>> it's neat to think the bear is in the neighborhood but i don't see the bear or my little girl thriving. >> reporter: state wild life officers. this is just thrilling and magical for a bear to walk through the property here. >> reporter: it's one of many bears usually shy and unseen a.view this close is a rare treat. >> it didn't seemed stressed or in a hurry. i guess it was wondering through the neighborhood for a while. >> reporter: it's been a few days without a citing so residents wonder if the bear is wandering north or out toward the coast. they're keeping their trash and pet food inside.
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since the bear isn't a safety problem unless it becomes aggressive in search of food. new at 10, a dangerous situation on the peninsula. a stipple has been deemed unstable. authorities are permitting traffic. they're closing the road through the weekend. the bell is structurally unsound. crews are stabilizing the tower now until it can be removed with a crane. four employees are being allow today return to work after being placed on leave for not reporting sexual abuse. the employees were placed on paid administrative leave for
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failing to notify police that a worker was suspected of sexual abuse. they're expect today return to work on monday. we have an unusual tail about a dog tonight t.owner is trying to get it back even though he was using the dog to fraud people. he said the dog could sense when someone was having a seizure. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that 2.5 years ago the owner of this dog was charged with trying to miss represent this dog. a jury found smith guilty of claiming the dog could sense when someone was having a seizure. smith defended his actions today and wants his body back.
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>> his body had begun to eat the muscle in this body. >> reporter: smooth provided the photo of observe by and said he was a runt on flee medication and highly energetic. >> he had 3% body fat. any athlete would like to have that. >> reporter: they want observe by placed in a new home and prevent smith from owning a dog. today the dog has a new foster home and family. snoring is not something he could have done. >> he can walk on a leach, ride in a car, hang out with other dogs an play with them. >> reporter: all thing it is
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foster mother said he couldn't do before. the sentencing is at the end of june. >> that badly abused german shepard we told you about last night was put to sleep. sure valance video show it is dog being dropped off in a plastic crate at the shelter night before last. officials say they hope someone will identify the owner so they can get justice for that dog. temperatures today, it was hot inland. temperatures tomorrow coming up. saturday is the warmest day on the bay area weekend. we have the red flag warning in effect until tomorrow evening. winds are 3 miles an hour out of the west t.winds are going
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to start coming from the north tonight. winds will pick up late tonight, early in the morning from the hills. we'll watch that for you. over the next 24 hours, warm as we've seen in a while. mid to upper 90s. i'll get specific with the forecast when we come back. how hot will it get and how much will it cool down. dancing on your dime. why this video is prompting outrage over look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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of our classic special edition bed set. now just $1299 a savings of $600. final days! ends sunday. only at the sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. four fighters were killed in houston today when a massive fire engulfed a motel. five more firefighters are
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hospitalized tonight. authorities say they were searching for people they thought might be trapped when part of the structure collapsed right on top of them. more now from reporter trace gallagher. >> reporter: a massive fire engulfing a motel in houston. the flames shooting from the building. >> they were risking their lives to save our community. unfortunately the fire was more than we thought. the structure collapsed. our members while trying to save lives were trapped. >> reporter: officials lining up to pay tribute. >> this fire department is in mourning. there are firefighters who will be working through the night to
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make sure that the rest of us are safe. >> reporter: the monster fire broke out at a restaurant next to the motel. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> the houston police department is at the scene. we will make every effort to determine the cause of the fire. but it's way too early to have any information about that. >> reporter: fire officials in houston say high temperatures and high humidity hampered firefighters efforts. in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. a new video showing a group of irs employees dancing on stage is causing public outrage. >> ♪ >> this video comes on the heels of two other video showing irs employees spoofing star trek. this reporting cost $15,000 to make. and they come at a time when
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they're trying to deal with spending cuts and furloughs. the dow industrials dropped more than 200 points. nasdaq dropped 35. still the dow is up for the month of may and has made gains for the last six consecutive months. a federal judge ordered google to comply with specific requests by the fbi for confidential data of users. and hulu appears to be on demand. the online streaming service is taking bids and reportedly has received three officers for more than $1 billion each. two years ago hulu owners news corp. and walt disney tried to sell the company but failed. a police crack down in the
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bay area. the effort to put
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new visit you tonight out of west oakland where a car collided with an ambulance. it happened around 7:40 on poplar street on west grant. a member of the ambulance crew said that the driver of the car ran a red light and t-boned the ambulance. the members of the ambulance helped the driver of the car. no one in the ambulance was hurt. in hopes of stopping trouble before it starts, as ktvu's robert handa tells us officers were hitting the streets late this afternoon when a report of another shooting came in. >> san jose police started a crack down on violence by responding to yet another possible gang shooting this evening. a young male adult was shot several times and seriously wounded here at is s & s market in southeast san jose by
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another young male adult who fled the scene. these days memorials for victims help mark san jose's hot spots for gangs. alisa who lives on kauai knows this too. >> reporter: felipe band era s was gunned down. in response police plan to spread out an additional 40 officers tonight and through the weekend all especially trained in dealing with gang related activities. >> that'll be good. >> what you think they need to do though when they come into the neighborhoods? >> i think not just patrolling and driving around but actually maybe getting out of their cars and approaching people. >> reporter: police say that's the plan. >> gang members are being contacted, parol agents are working in conjunction with our gangs investigation units to
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focus on people that we know have a prior history with violent acts. >> officers say they are not talking publicly about an exact timetable for this weekend's crack down. but one thing they can say it started faster than they expected. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a one night youth curfew is being deemed a success. police enforced that curfew from 11:00 last night to 6:00 this morning. the plan called for police to bring offenders to city hall to face a youth court but as it turns out no arrests were made. san francisco mayor ed lee unveiled his new budget plan today it calls for nearly $8 billion in spending. also includes money for more police officers and firefighters. the mayor says the spending plan will close the city's deficit along with more funds for child care and hiv prevention that were adversely
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affected by state cuts. >> now is not the time to take our eyes off the ball. we have to continue reforms to protect our city's economic recovery and make our city safe, solvent and successful. one thing the budget apparently does not address is rising pension costs. an african american san francisco police officer who was off duty says he was mistreated by three white officers during a traffic stop last night. lorenzo adamson says he stopped in the city's bay view district just before 8:30 last night. the altercation turned physical and adamson was arrested then released. san francisco police dispute those claims and say he was stopped for a traffic violation. >> no plate on the vehicle. no i.d. on the person, and also for a tinted window violation. >> that's not the issue.
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he was asked instantly, immediately are you on parol. that is profiling. >> reporter: san francisco police promise to conduct a full investigation. a 19-year-old man who was found guilty of fatally stabbing a newark high school football star learned his faith. hayes was sentenced to 16 years in life in state prison. the teenager was charged for the death of osana futi. hayes killed huti because he had argued with a friend who is also a football player. authorities released this picture of the suspect. they say he walked right into the sandwich shop around 5:20 yesterday, pulled out a gun and demanded money. police say he may also be responsible for an attempted robbery in san ramon. he's described as being white or latino.
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probably in his 20s, about 5'5" and weighing 130 pounds. in news of the world tonight in syria, national tv says the american woman who was killed when security forces opened fire on a car. reports say she was fighting with a rebel group linked to al- qaida. she's the first american known to have died in the civil war. the woman's family in michigan identified her as 33-year-old nicole lin mansfield. they said she was not a terrorist but misguided. another woman walked out of jail in mexico and right into her husband's arms. an arizona woman was released. 12pounds of marijuana were found under her bus seat. security camera footage that shows her boarding the bus without the marijuana helped convince the court to free her. and in turkey, police fired tear gas and water cannons in istanbul. dozens of people were hurt.
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the police response triggered protest in other cities. there's been anger against turkish rebels. the beatles song come tonight provided the theme for last night's concert. boston strong was the name of the show. a number of bands including arrow smith played for half an hour. we want to show you live pictures from richmond where police are searching for a missing 4-year-old girl. more information after the break. >> also our chief meteorologist bill martin updating his forecast. at 10:45 hi
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for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. developing news now we want to take you right to richmond where police are searching right now for a missing 4-year- old girl. these are live pictures from the area of 42nd street and wall avenue where amia stewart was last seen while visiting relatives. family members said she disappeared about 5:30 tonight. right now police are scouring that neighborhood for any sign of the little girl. here is a picture of amia she was last seen wearing a gray dress with purple socks and pink slippers. we will bring you any new developments as we get them. marin county is reporting a sharp rise in cases of whooping cough mostly among children. health officials say there were 46 reported cases as a significant jump from last year
12:11 am
when only five were reported. all the patients are recovering or have recovered. parents should ensure children get the vaccine for whooping cough or pertusis. >> we know children who are vaccinated for pertusis are 90% less likely to get whooping cough. >> the vaccine becomes less effective over the years so booster shots become necessary. the margin was close 35 yes and 37 nay. tom amiano offered the bill and blamed a procedure error for the defeat. voting was closed early and vowed to reintroduce the measure. it would create a monitoringdivision inside the
12:12 am
beverage control. also today in sacramento an attempt to put a freeze on an oil drilling technique known as fraking failed. lawmakers are trying to establish regulations on transparency chemicals used in that process. two central valley farmers are suing the rail authorities saying their farm operations would be adversely affected by the new high speed rail system. the farmers claim the rail authority is not complying with the rules of a bond measure that gave the project the green light. if the judge rules for the plaintiff it could bring that multi million dollars project to a halt. mountain view police are looking for a robbery suspect that broke into a home while the suspects were napping. police released a sketch of
12:13 am
that suspect. he is described at 5'10" with a thin build. he took off with the residents wallet and cell phone. after the break a firsthand look on what it took to brace today's b.a.r.t. break down. our minute by minute accou [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] now to our continuing coverage of b.a.r.t. transbay tube problems. we got a firsthand look at this morning's long delays for commuters. tara moriarty and her photographer took a trip on b.a.r.t. and saw how frustrating it was
12:16 am
for people trying to get to their destination. >> reporter: 6:24, things start off smoothly but hit a rough patch. by 6:39 we're stuck. this is the rock ridge station and you can see there's not a lot of people waiting here. they've all gone -- gotten into a train. it looks odd because b.a.r.t. runs a train east of us, passengers get off and get on our train. >> we're in oakland, we're here. we adjust. >> reporter: 7:02 we hit the mcarthur station which became a major bottleneck later in the morning with hundreds of people waiting around for hours. >> after being the fourth train in line we finally get clearance to pass through the
12:17 am
caltrans 2. people sleep, play on their laptops and smart phones. and it is quite crowded here at this station. at 7:31 our trip takes 45 minutes longer than usual. tell me how long were you on? >> two hours i started in berkeley. >> are you frustrated? >> no. >> i'm frustrated. 45 minutes. >> where do you have to go? >> right here, i'm home now. >> took me about two hours. >> where were you coming from? >> castro valley. >> it took jennifer tubin an extra two hours and 40 minutes to get to work in san francisco. for those who left earlier in the morning say 7:00 or later it took an hour or two extra to get into the city. tara moriarty, ktvu news. mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning. they will update you on any lingering delays over the
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weekend. >> big ships on their way in and out of san francisco bay and other california ports are going to be rerouted. the plan calls for current shipping lanes to be extended several miles which will hopefully keep ships from striking migrating whales. similar traffic plans will also be going into effect until santa barbara channel and the pors -- and the ports of los angeles. they say more needs to be done to protect those whales. the american idol's live tour has cancelled a show in o akland. the top finalists were to appear, but a change in the rehearsal schedule has forced the cancellation. anyone with tickets can get refunds where they bought those tickets online or at the arena box office. the rest of the tour is still on schedule. the closest show is in sacramento on july 22nd.
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fog free at the coast right now. that's one of the ways you know it's going to be warm tomorrow. there's no fog golden gate park and san francisco. it's clear, clear throughout the bay area. winds are light right now but those winds will pick up overnight in the hills especially out in the solano area where there's that red flag warning in effect. at this hour it's still 80 degrees. the air is warm. tomorrow morning when you wake up it's going to start off in the upper 50s and low 60s in some places and that's going to make for a very warm and hot for tomorrow. the air sinking, high pressure setting us up. gives you increased fire danger that's the red flag warning but it also gives you warning daytime highs. that's where we are. tomorrow is going to be the warmest and hottest day of the weekend. the hottest day of the week with temperatures coming up five to 10 degrees. high pressure weakens as we get
12:20 am
to sunday and things change around. as we go through the microclimates much warmer. mid-80s, upper 80s in the upper hills. as you get further to the southeast you're doing low 90s and even upper 90s in some places it's going to be very warm. as we head toward sunday, a little low pressure comes our way and it does this. it stretch south of the marine layer. fog comes back to the coast. temperatures on sunday are going to fall off about five or 8 degrees over what they were yesterday or saturday. so saturday's the warmest day. sunday is cooler because the fog returns. then a weak low pressure center sitting offshore, saturday is the warmest day on the weekend. 93 in concord, 94 pittsburgh. -- pittsburgh. some of the areas could even be warmer than these forecast highs obviously -- pittsburg. you're going to go 75 degrees down in the water.
12:21 am
you might go 70-degree. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. fire danger is high on saturday. not just in solano county but basically for the entire bay area because of the heat, humidity. winds haven't materialized yet but they should pick up. and less of a chance of fire damage as things cool off. >> be careful this weekend. >> saturday is the day we have to worry the most. >> thank you, bill. a beautiful monument to human rights was dedicated today in oakland. the ruby bridges choir opened the ceremony at henry j. kaiser park which is right next to the fox theater. remember them champions for humanity is a 25-foot tall bronze sculpture. artist mario kioto's work of
12:22 am
art includes nelson mandela an former president roosevelt. and the maloof family announced that the deal to sell the team has closed escrow. george maloof congratulated aldiva and the entire financial group. the a's seem to be in a bit of a roll. >> they are and they are getting stronger. they only got stronger tonight with the return of an important player, josh redick was back in the line up. redick knocked in the first round of the pitchers dual when he ripped this rbi double in the 8th inning. axelrod and colon had been matching zeros until then.
12:23 am
later in the inning, coco crisp made it more comfortable. brandon moss scores 3-0 lead was more than enough for colon. a week after turning 40, colon threw a five hit shut out raising his record to 6-2. the a's within three games of first place now in the american league west. the severe weather that's been hitting the midwest today affected the giants in st. louis. the first game of their three game series against the cardinals was postponed because of tornado warnings. it's been rescheduled as part of a day-night double header tomorrow. weather also an issue in a very high profile look at 'em.
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weather was causing problems today in dublin ohio, the site of nicholson's tournament. tiger will have to get it going tomorrow to be a factor. ken duke is on the bubble. if he makes it he'll have this shot to thank. a little trouble off the green.
12:27 am
you want to land on the shot on the hill and let it roll on down. duke has this one played just about right. he gets an eagle 2, right now one shot to the good. several players have yet to finish the second round because of the weather. 49ers have announced that they signed marcus latimore to a four year deal. latimore set the school record for rushing touchdowns. that's season was cut short with a severe knee injury. that is considered to be one of the steals of the draft if he turns out to be back to 100 100% picking him up in the fourth. >> i remember seeing that. that injury was bad. >> we will see you the next time news breaks. >> at this hour we're still following the search for that miss 4-year-old girl from richmond. we just spoke to the girl's grandmother and she said that
12:28 am
amira rene stewart was on her scooter when she went missing. still no sign of that little girl. but mornings on 2 will have the latest on the search for you beginning at 7:00 a.m. we're aren't you phil,
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